This summer I’m going to be doing a lot of things. I’m going to go from staying up on late nights, playing video games losing sleep. To going out on nice vacations. This summer’s vacation that I’m going to be going on is to Colorado. I imagine Colorado as hilly, and beautiful. I can imagine the sun sets and the tall trees. I can imagine being in a cabin in the middle of the woods, as I see wild life pass through their habitat. The vacation is going to be nice with the nice chilled breezes that will hit my face while walking down paths through the trees.

There is going to be a lot of activities to do there. I want to go camping there, and I want to go hiking. Especially hiking because of the hills and rocky mountains. It seems very fun to do so.

I also want to go to It’s capital, Denver. I want to walk around downtown Denver and see all the shops and buildings. I heard the city was beautiful. I also want to go shopping in Denver. Get some nice outfits from there and probably an anteek. I want to visit all the parks that I can while I’m in Colorado. I want to see some memorials as well. The first memorial I would want to see is the Rocky Mountain Memorial.

I can see already how beautiful the Rocky Mountain Memorial is. All though I can probably go to Tennessee to see the Rocky Mountains.

I also might be going to Florida. It will be my first time going to Florida so my dad said he is going to try to get a nice cabin on the side of the ocean. What I really want to do when I go to Florida is that I want to go Underwater Spearfishing. I really like to go fishing but I also like being under water so I think it would be a cool experience. I want to try to catch the biggest fish that I can.

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